Loula Beck

Embedded systems and software Engineer

I am currently working in SES Networks in Betzdorf, Luxembourg as a Software Engineer.
Curious by nature, I am eager to discover and learn about technologies and how it can be applied to everything.
Ready to tackle new challenges, from connected objects to highly constrained environments development. I participated to a Hackathon, worked with barbecues, “cars” and satellites and will be happy to discuss about it.
Feel free to send me a message.

About Me

  • Name: Loula Beck
  • Date of birth: 03 Aug 1995
  • Address: 33 rue Emile Lavandier, 1924, Luxembourg
  • Nationality: Française
  • Phone: (+352) 691 419584
  • Email: loula.beck@gmail.com


Coming from a Embedded systems and software education finding a field of interest is tricky because nowadays it applies to almost everything, from really complex object like satellites to the simplest like home thermostats. As a young engineer I look forward gaining experience on embedded systems.

What I Do ?

With my education background in Grenoble-INP Ensimag I have strong skills in development. In addition to that the professional experiences that I have gave me the opportunity to apply my knowledge in real word projects and learn about what is used in industries. Also, I discovered a new hobby in connecting everyday life objects and basically playing with my raspberry on my own.

  • Software Development
  • Software Design
  • Agile Project


Programming languages


SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Integrated development environment and text editors



Visual Studio Code
Android Studio
Qt Creator

Agile project management


Version Control System


Code deployment and verification

Nexus Repository Management


Mother tongue

Bulats: 89/100



  • Since Oct 2018

    Software Engineer

    SES Networks Betzdorf, Luxembourg
    QUARTZ Key Management System

    QUARTZ (Quantum Cryptography Telecommunication System) is a project managed by the SES-led consortium of partners, under the umbrella of ESA’s new ARTES / ScyLight programme called SeCure and Laser Communication Technology in a dedicated Programme Line for Quantum Technologies. It is an innovative, robust, scalable and commercially viable satellite-based QKD service. It will enable the generation of encryption keys by secure laser links from satellite to users on the ground via a laser terminal for optical communication, as well as photon transmission for the quantum keys.

    The Key Management System purpose is to assure the security of the communications within the QUARTZ system by using quantum randomly generated keys distributed via satellite. The development is done in partnership with the Austrian Institute of Technology.

    emergency.lu VoIP

    emergency.lu is a mobile, satellite-based, telecommunications platform, created to re-establish communication (internet, phone) after a disaster, to support the coordination efforts of humanitarian organisations in the field and to contribute to saving lives during humanitarian emergencies.

    The Voice over IP service of emergency.lu enable volunteers to communicate, using either provided SIP phones or their own mobile phones with a emergency.lu client installed, over a satellite link or locally if the link is not available.

    What I do:
    • Software Design
    • C++
    • Python
    • Continuous Integration
    • Software Validation
    • ECSS standard
    • Java
  • Feb-Aug 2018

    Embedded Software Intern

    SES Networks Betzdorf, Luxembourg
    RoadSide Unit

    This was an exciting opportunity to become part of the Systems Engineering team within SES Techcom in a fast-paced, global organization within an innovative and unique industry. Based in Luxembourg, this internship focuses on research and experiment with state-of-the-art technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), Real-time Operating System (RTOS), Microservice Architecture and Satellite Communications for Co-operative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS).

    The objective of this internship is to transfer the knowledge acquired into the development of a Roadside Unit prototype which exchanges information with vehicles and sensor networks on one site and communicates via satellite with cloud services on the other site.

    What I did:
    • Raspberry Pi
    • LoRa : connecting sensors (with LoPy devices) to Raspberry Pi
    • Python : scripts & GUI
    • Microservices using MQTT
    • Web interface : HTML/CSS/js using MQTT-TLS over websockets & HTTPS
    • Semantic & ontology
    • Thingspeak Cloud
    • Communication scenario
  • Sept 2017- Jan 2018

    School projects

    Grenoble-INP Ensimag, Grenoble
    3D mono-camera

    The objective of this project was to translate the image processing algorithms of THIS article into C++ that should run on Zybo board thanks to (High Level Synthesis) link. The efficiency of the code was a real priority as the processing of an image should be real-time. A pictures database was available with a Matlab implementation of the blurring algorithms. The implementation was thus focused on the depth extraction algorithms based on the theoretical formulas.

    Real-Time systems modeling

    The point of this project is to illustrate the behaviour of a Real-Time system. To do so, we had to manage to make a Lego Mindstorm robot to follow a black line on a white track and can avoid obstacles (U-turn). This involve modelization, a synchronous approach considering both mono and multi tasking. The modelization was done with MatLab Simulink. The synchronous development was in C using Lego Mindstorm API.

    OS development project

    This course is a project along the semester. The project is to write an operating system for x86 (PC 32 bits) minimalist yet using the main concepts at the core of the Os.

    What I did:
    • C/C++
    • Scheduling
    • Real-Time
    • Memory handling (Virtual, protection)
    • System conception
    • OS basics
    • Concurrent programming
    • Interruption handling
    • Matlab
  • May-Jul 2017

    Engineering Assistant

    CGI Lyon Area, France
    Connected barbecue

    The project was to create a connected barbecue controllable with an application on our phone. This device was to be exposed on a showroom at Lyon among many others, to expose all the knowledge and skills present in CGI Supply Chain. Thus, the objective was to create something as reliable as possible able to communicate via the Internet. A Raspberry Pi was used to control the barbecue and to discuss via Azure with an application.

    The objectives were to learn how to make everything work together. Also, I had to keep in mind that the device had to be reliable so I had to keep testing everything : from the electronic to the code looping by the Azure Portal.

    What I did:
    • Azure Cloud: Blob & IoT Hub services
    • Creation of an electronic black box to control BBQ via Raspberry Pi
    • Python test driven development
    • Temperature control
    • Assure Robustness of system
    • Product demonstrations
    • Knowledge Handover


  • 2016-2018

    Master's of Engineering in Embedded Systems and Software

    Grenoble-INP Ensimag Grenoble, France

    This specialization focuses on very limited resources systems with extra-features requirement like energy consumption. These constraints forced me to understand and design software and hardware simultaneously.

    The curriculum expended on hardware/software system design flow and especially on systems on chip. It is also about embedded system modelization, implementation, development and validation. Those skills were developed through many projects. This class is a part of the "pôle de compétitivité mondial Minalogic".

  • 2015-2016

    Bachelor's degree in Physics, Electronics and telecommunications

    Grenoble-INP Phelma Grenoble, France

    I entered Phelma after my "Prepa" as my first choice. This school as a "generalist" common core. During this year I acquired strong bases in physics, electronics and data processing as part of my specialization. These teachings were completed by physical chemistry, languages, sciences of management and sport. It provided me a bachelor degree in Engineering Science.

  • 2013-2015


    Lycée Henri Poincaré Nancy, France

    ‘Classes préparatoires aux grandes ecoles’ is an intense training to prepare for competitive entrance examination in French engineering schools. This formation gave me strong knowledge in Physics Chemistry, my specialization, but also in Mathematics and English.

  • 2013

    Baccalauréat (A levels)

    Gerville Réache High School Guadeloupe, France

    French A level certificate with physics & chemistry specialization obtained with honor.